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Mar 26, 2013 4:00am PDT
have not only boosted the u.s. economy alone but those of its trading partners and other countries around the world, as well. >>> a boeing 787 dreamliner took off to the air on monday for the first time since january. the flight from its washington airfield was just a test of the jet's redesigned battery system. the entire fleet was grounded because of trouble with batteries on two different dreamliners. boeing has added more insulation and better ways of preventing overheating. >>> america has four living former presidents, and they are still on the u.s. payroll. last year taxpayers spent $3.7 million on presidents george w. bush, bill clinton, george h.w. bush and jimmy carter, and that does not include what the secret service spends protecting them and their families. >>> women may be coming down to earth when it comes to their footwear. a new survey finds that 62% of women are giving up those super high heel shoes in favor of more comfortable ones. sarah jessica parker of "sex and the city" fame is once again a trend setter saying those stilettos have done damage to her feet. a
Mar 21, 2013 4:00am PDT
tonight show" again? >>> welcome back. the economy is good but not good enough. the federal reserve sees steady improvement but isn't sure the growth is for real. chairman ben bernanke says the fed will continue its stimulus program to keep long-term interest rates low, but he hinted the fed might cut back if it sees more improvement in the job market. >>> and one area where there is real improvement is the housing market. we're expecting good news this morning about existing home sales. there aren't many of them on the market apparently, and that's creating a sudden increase in demand for new homes taking builders quite by surprise. they're even having trouble finding construction workers. >>> gas prices this morning averaged $3.70. they've been holding there for about a month but many feel they're still too high especially considering the boom we're having in domestic oil production. the oil industry is blaming the federal ethanol requirement, but the ethanol industry says the additive costs less than gasoline, so that's nonsense. >>> the company that makes axe body spray is looki
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2